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(photo courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center)


A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder – A rip-roarious good time!

If you found out you were a distant heir to a family fortune, what would you do to jump the line of succession to get the goodies of wealth and fame? A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder follows the story of a young man’s intriguing journey to get the coveted family title while juggling two women – a money-loving mistress and his fiancée (who happens to be his cousin).

This dark comedy is a roller coaster of fun. Kevin Massey is a devilishly good Monty Navarro and you find yourself cheering for him. After all, we love the underdog even if he is a criminal – or an alleged criminal. Sibella Hallward played by Kristen Beth Williams has Monty dangling from her arm like a bracelet as his mistress or is he her manstress? Desperate for love and marriage is Monty’s fiancée Phoebe D’Ysquith played by Adrienne Eller who pulls at Monty’s desire for being loved just as he is.  John Rapson has the fun, but I’m sure exhausting, role of playing the majority of the D’Ysquith family. He does it so well that you don’t realize it is the same man (until you look in the Playbill). Ah! I knew that family resemblance was uncanny.  All of the actors gave stellar performances and my sides ached from laughing so hard.

The orchestra under the direction of Lawrence Goldberg set the tone and pace. Coupled with a simple, functional and elegant set design the stage was set for the 1909 London story.

When was the last time you laughed for two and half hours? Really laughed? That long, huh. Well, then it is time to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder at AT&T Performing Arts Center at the Winspear Opera House.  The Tony Award winning musical is running now. Better move quickly and get your tickets before Monty finds himself at the end of a noose. The final performance is August 28. For tickets go to